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  Janzy Alvarez Has Successful Heart Surgery


In the spring of 2006 Mission Honduras LeMars, coupled with Gehlen Catholic Mission Honduras, made a significant contribution to the family of Janzy Alvarez. The little two-year-old girl had been diagnosed with a severe heart condition known as PDA (patent ductus arteriosus a congenital heart defect). During the Gehlen Medical Team mission of January 2006, Janzy had been examined by Dr. David Goo from Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. Goo made the diagnosis and called it severe. Mission Honduras LeMars and Gehlen Mission Honduras officials immediately began pushing for Janzy to come to the United States to have this defect corrected a simple procedure in the United States. She developed pneumonia shortly after the U.S. medical team returned to the States. During this period of time the Honduran doctors she was dealing with decided to admit her for heart surgery. Everything went as planned, and little Janzy has been given a chance at a full and wonderful life.

Mission Honduras LeMars and Gehlen Mission Honduras want to thank all those involved with this wonderful miracle.


Janzy with her mother   Janzy's scar from heart surgery

Janzy with her mother at time of diagnosis, January, 2006


Janzy, post-surgery, February, 2006

A healthy Janzy with her mother, April, 2006


A healthy Janzy & her mother


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