Mission Honduras LeMars: Purchases / Donations
St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226)
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        Mission Honduras LeMars greatly thanks the              following donors for their donations:      

Social Security Office Personnel in Sioux City, IA: donated $750 toward construction of clinic annex, dedicated in memory of Dan Bickford, their long time co-worker, who died in March 2004.

Social Security Office Personnel

Journal Goodfellows'  long-time director Bob Olkiewicz: sporting equipment distributed to various children in the poor villages of Honduras.

Dennis Bollin of Oak 'n Treasures

Dennis Bollin, Oak 'n Treasures, Le Mars, IA:  2 air conditioners and a refrigerator donated to Honduras clinic

The 'dms' Health Group, Fargo, ND, and Donations Committee Chairperson Lynn Speral:  x-ray unit donated to Honduras clinic, a real 'God-Send'

Dr. Marie Aubry, Mayo Clinic:  securing a microscope from Leeds Precision Instruments, Minneapolis, MN

Patrick Martin and the Sonosite Corporation, Seattle, WA:   portable ultrasound unit

ultrasound shows unborn child

woman showing crops grown with donated seeds

Earl May Seed Co.:  garden seed to malnutrition center in Sulaco, Honduras

Hy-Vee Rx, Le Mars, IA:  countless prescription medicine donations

Al Vonnahme, Mark Frentress, Tom Ryan, & Richard Seivert behind medicines purchased from Hy-Vee

Dr. Elizabeth Szeliga, Omaha, NE, through the help of  Jim Lofgren, Omaha, NE: 2 dental x-ray units.  One unit to the new clinic in El Guante,‘Clinica Asistencial La Caridad,’the other unit to SOS orphanage in La Ceiba.

Northwest Women's Deanery, IA:  gift bags for orphanage

Avera McKennan, Sioux Falls, SD:  medical scrubs

Dr. Tom Jeneary, Le Mars,
    IA: dental chair

David Castro & Dr. Tom Jeneary with dental chair

International Health Services, Minneapolis, MN: free and low-cost shipping

Mike Donlin & Floyd Valley Hospital, Le Mars, IA: various medical equipment used in clinic

Gehlen Catholic School:  computers and printers used in Tierra Santa Orphanage

Standard Textile, Cincinnati, OH:  room divider curtains


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Mission Honduras LeMars would like to thank all those financial donors who, through their donations, allow us to make the following purchases:

4-year-old boy in wheelchair

A wheelchair: used by 4-year-old blind boy with spinal bifida in El Higuerito, Honduras

Food-grade soybeans:  for Xicaque Indians in Montana de la Flor area

soybeans growing on mountainside in Montana de la Flor

An in-focus projector: to be used in the clinic for presentations in El Guante and the surrounding villages

A lap-top computer: to be used in the clinic for patient records and presentations

An x-ray developer: to be used in the clinic for the development of all x-rays taken

motorcycle used by health promoter

A motorcycle: to be used by the 'health promoter' in his work as he goes from village to village

A hyfrecator/cauterizer: to be used in the clinic to cauterize blood vessels

A paint sprayer: to be used by the citizens of El Guante for various painting projects


Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily.
                                                                                                         ~ Sally Koch

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