Mission Honduras LeMars
Completes Water Projects in Lavenderos and La Guaruma

  In Honduras many of the women and children in rural communities spend up to six hours per day fetching surface water for their family's use. Thanks to Mission Honduras LeMars, the people of Lavenderos and La Guaruma no  longer need to do walk six hours each day to get water for cooking, drinking, and cleaning.

   Although Mission Honduras LeMars paid for all the supplies needed to complete these water projects, the members of the two communities performed all the work with the help of our water engineer, Angel Paz. The citizens of Lavenderos and La Guaruma profusely expressed their gratitude for the water that now runs to their yards through the plastic pipes they put into the trenches they had dug. The villagers were taught how to add chlorine to the water tank so the water is okay for everyone to drink.

   Not only will these completed water projects allow the villagers to be healthier, it will save them countless hours that they will be able to put toward other uses. Women will have more time to spend on their domestic work. The children will not need to miss classroom time to collect water for their families. Less time will also be spent tending to sick children due to water parasites. Since children will be healthier, they will be able to concentrate better in their classrooms. It is amazing the difference that clean water can make in the lives of all people, and it is something that Americans take for granted. To date, MHL has now completed 37 water projects in Honduras.





Mission Honduras LeMars
Loses Two Special Friends


 MHL was saddened by the loss of Angel Paz and Chief Tomas. They were special friends who helped MHL by guiding us within their own country, each in his own way.

Angel was the engineer who oversaw countless water projects. He worked with both mission groups who came into Honduras to do water projects, as well as with the villagers who worked on their own water projects.

Chief Tomas was a member of the Tolupan living in Montaņa de la Flor. He allowed MHL to enter the area and encouraged the relationship between MHL and the Tolupan in a way that benefited both. May our friends rest in peace.


Angel Paz

Francis Seivert visits with Chief Tomas

Angel, Carolyn Bickford, and Julio (Chief  Tomas' son) enjoy a break

Francis Seivert (left), Chief Tomas (far right), Chief Tomas' relatives, and MHL Director Richard Seivert (in back) pose before their meeting



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