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During the past years Mission Honduras LeMars has been involved in numerous projects for the betterment of the poor of Honduras. From water projects, to medical care for children, to food programs, we attempt to make each year better than the last – please refer to other pages of this web site. This year we continued with healthcare for many of the people pictured below. Through the past 15 years, the photos below reflect only a fraction of those young people with medical problems that we have helped. Since identifying these children, Mission Honduras LeMars has taken the lead on getting each one of them the proper help they need. Each child or adult pictured below has a brief article to explain his/her needs and how we are helping or have helped each one. Please continue to support Mission Honduras LeMars in its effort to help the most needy.

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Cynthia, was a 5-year-old child at Mother Teresa's Sister of Charity Orphanage when MHL met her. Cynthia had an irreparable heart condition. Her mother had asked MHL's help in bringing Cynthia home to die. She passed away at the orphanage when it was decided that Cynthia could be better cared for there.

Alexi, was a severely malnourished 4-year-old child at Mother Teresa's Sisters of Charity Orphanage. He also had skin lesions over most of his body. MHL supplied this child with 'Then Feed Just One' food and his health is greatly improved.

Dania was brought to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, in hopes of medical help for a heart condition. Unfortunately, doctors concluded that she could not be helped, and she has returned to Honduras.

Elpidio was also brought to the Mayo Clinic for heart surgery. Doctors there were able to repair his heart condition. He has returned to Honduras a healthy little boy.

Pablo Zuniga was a 9-year-old boy from Esquias. He suffered from a kidney and ureter problem. Pablo had multiple surgeries throughout his life, but he still needed to use a stoma collection system. MHL helped Pablo by covering his medical tests in Tegucigalpa to see if more could be done to help him.

Franci, was an 8-year-old girl when MHL met her. She had surgery to insert a metal rod in her left leg from the knee to the ankle. Her left leg had not grown, and she required crutches to walk. MHL helped her family with any medical costs they incurred while seeking tests and medical treatment at an orthopedic hospital at that time. MHL continues to help Franci, who turned 16 on November 17, 2016. At this time she has undergone 30 surgeries to correct problems with her left leg and other problems. Due to a bone infection in her left leg in the fall of 2016, Franci will need to have her left leg amputated below the knee. MHL hopes to hopes to help Franci by supplying her with a prosthetic when the doctor feels she is ready. MHL hopes the prosthetic will allow her to eventually walk without crutches.



Oscar Arevelo, a young boy from La Florida, can not not walk. He also cannot talk and must be fed. MHL supplied him a special pediatric wheelchair so his family could move him around more easily.

Kelvin Bueso is also from La Florida. He had a fast heart rate and tests were needed to see what could be done to help him. MHL helped this family with the medical needs for Kelvin as much as possible.

Jarmi Mizael was a young boy when MHL met him.. He underwent multiple surgeries at the orthopedic hospital in San Pedro Sula to correct his club feet and now walks normally. MHL funded his medical care and family transportation costs.

Jarmi had severe club feet.

Jarmi after successful surgery


Richard Seivert holds Jarmi during his 2009 visit to Honduras.


If you want happiness for a lifetime,

help somebody.


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Francisca Montes is now a teenager. She is still living with relatives in very poor conditions but is much improved from her malnourished state. MHL officials continue to check on her and provide her family with ...Then Feed Just One food.

Francisca, diagnosed with severe malnutrition


Francisca, looking much better after eating Kids Against Hunger food for a few months, posed with Carolyn Bickford during a summer visit to Montaña de la Flor.

Annabelle received hearing aids from MHL, which have made a huge difference in her development.

Wendy Gomez suffers from a condition that inhibited her ability to crawl or walk. MHL provides her with funds for transportation, therapy, and food until she is able to walk on her own.

Manuel Antonio Avila Gomez was born
with a cleft lip. MHL aided his family with
the funds needed for his successful


Brothers Cristian and Jimmy Gonzalez suffer from a congenital disease that prevents them from growing. Cristian had two cataract surgeries by the age of 15. Jimmy had 3 cataract surgeries by the age of 6 and can walk but cannot talk. Both boys received received glasses from MHL. They are from Opatoro, La Paz, which is very near el Salvador.

Josue Said from the village of La Venta cannot walk without braces. MHL helped Josue and his family by purchasing medicines for him and food for the entire family.


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Santos Alejo Martinez of Montaña de la Flor had a metal rod placed in his right lower leg in 2009. MHL continues to watch the improvement in this young man and monitor his progress. MHL will continue to assist this young boy and his family with all expenses required for his medical care.

Francis Seivert examines Santos' leg after his surgery.


Santos continues to improve after a rod was inserted into the bone between the knee and ankle of his right leg.

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Nellie Urbina Reyes was first seen by our medical brigade in January 2008. She was diagnosed with Charcot foot, a degenerative disease, and softening of the bones. She required special shoes that help her walk and limited further damage to her ankles and feet. MHL hopes to find more medical help for her. We continue to supply her family with Then Feed Just One food and will continue to monitor the developments concerning her medical treatments.

Above: Nellie's feet are examined by a Honduran doctor.


Right: Richard Seivert and Nellie pose in June, 2009.

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Rina Yesenia Martinez was diagnosed with Hirschsprungs disease, a disease that affects the large intestine (colon), when she was 7 years old. After a very successful surgery, she was released from the Tegucigalpa hospital and moved to Mother Teresa's Sisters of Charity orphanage for recuperation. She now is a healthy little girl who enjoys playing with others. MHL personnel visit with her family regularly to check on her progress and always find her quite happy and healthy. 

Yesenia is examined by the doctors during the January 2009 medical trip   Richard Seivert teases Yesenia as they finish taking photos during a Mission Honduras visit.

         Yesenia's stitches are removed                          

Yesenia poses with her parents and one of her sisters while she recuperates in the hospital.



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If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children.    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Illich with his Aunt Marny and Francis Seivert

Illich Rivera was brought to the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, in 2007 for tests and diagnosis.


Ligia Erazo brought to the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD, in 2006 for bone marrow transplant



Janzy Alvarez was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect by the 2006 medical team and treated in Honduras.

Janzy Alvarez

   Ana Rut

Ana Rut was brought to the U.S. in 2003
 for heart surgery.

Francisco Torres was brought to the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, in 2002 for a heart condition. He is now a healthy young man with no lingering ill effects of his condition.

Francisco Torres

Cristobal Vidal Diaz was brought to Le Mars, IA, in 2003 for diagnosis of a bone condition. He continues to struggle with the problems of this bone condition, spending as much as a year at a time in Hospital Escuela for surgery on his spine and his subsequent recuperation. MHL supports Cristobal in any way possible, including his wish to continue his education when he is able to attend classes.

Cristobal Vidal Diaz

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Nahum Bonilla was unable to walk due to Gillian Barre Syndrome. MHL supplied him with a walker, and Nahum could finally be mobile.  


Yulian Torres suffers from ichthyosis, or fish scale disease. Her skin is extremely dry and requires special lotion to help with the dryness. MHL supplies her with Cetaphil, the only nonprescription lotion that soothes her skin.

Wendy lives with her mother, sister, and 2 brothers in Nueva Capital. Her leg was badly burned by hot coffee in an accident. Her 1-year-old brother Jonathan suffered from pneumonia. MHL helped the family with medicines for both Wendy and Jonathan. We also provided money for the ambulance Jonathan needed to rush him to the hospital.

Marco Antonio Avila lives in Nueva Capital. By passing the test given to Santa Teresa students, Marco was given a scholarship to attend special evening classes at Taular, the top school in Honduras. MHL pays for his transportation costs.



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